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Underwriting System

The biggest challenge that insurance companies face is in the insurance underwriting system. With the amount of applications and data that insurers receive it is the need of the hour to have a streamlined underwriting software that adheres to all regulatory compliances. Our Automated Insurance Underwriting Systems are not just streamlined and fast but also highly accurate in assessing the risks and situations and coming up with assessments. This not only greatly improves the efficiency but also is a huge boost for the customer experience.

Our advanced Automated Insurance Underwriting Software takes a correctly filled-in and detailed health questionnaire that has been generated by the front end configurable health questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire, the rating engine is generated. An Automated Insurance Underwriting Software is essential for corporates that have a probability to face industrial relation issues.

Our customised systems have a query management and customer communications feature that address the issues where employee contacts the insurer/TPA directly and the management is not informed. The Document and Notification Management will allow the management to have first hand information. They will have access to realtime information from the Reporting and BI Analytics dashboard.

Our software system is easily configurable by anyone with security access. It is designed to meet and adhere to all security parameters.

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