Insurance Workflow Automation System

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Insurance Workflow Automation System

Track Four Infotec has more than two decades of Insurtech experience of providing software services covering the entire insurance value chain.

eOxegen uses the advanced insurance workflow automation system to complete tasks and activities without human interface. This helps completes tasks seamlessly by maintaining consistency and reducing repetitive activities.

Our system based on AI technology facilitates in health claim decision making process for the insurance companies. This technology helps identify if the product is in the system, which further streamlines the process when a specific claim is made. The automated system facilitates in matching the claim made with the options available for the specific customer, basis the initial data in the system. Our specially designed AI based workflow automation insurance software processes data efficiently to caution health claim frauds, thereby protecting the interest of the insurance company.

Track Four Infotec uses an inbuilt effective documentation management system that helps manage customers for an invaluable gateway to better efficiency and lower operations costs. Intelligent automation technologies are used as the ideal key to unlock improvements and have a fool proof system in place.

eOxegen uses the one of its kind of authentication in adjudication process through a five-step process to make medical claim adjudication decisions. We understand the important aspects of claim adjudication like when it should be paid, rejected or denied. Below are the steps to generate, submit and follow up on claim processing to ensure maximum reimbursement. The five steps are:

  • The starting processing review
  • The automatic review
  • The manual review
  • The payment determination
  • The payment

We use advanced technologies to process Healthcare Claims. The process of consolidation, outsourcing, and advancements is streamlined using AI technology that works in well for the insurance company as well as the customer.

Through efficient management of our entire reporting and investigation process, users can ensure timely resolutions. The Grievance management insurance workflow automation is digitised thereby making the process efficient and time bound.

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