Universal Healthcare System

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Universal Healthcare System

  • Economic viability for stakeholders
  • Synergy with pre-existing scheme(s)
  • Seamless hospitalisation and claims processing
  • Identification of fraudulent cases

Our Universal Healthcare system is one of the best available in the industry. A testament to that is the State of West Bengal, our largest client in the Government sector who uses the Universal Healthcare Scheme, called- 'Swasthya Sathi' wherein there are over 24 million families on the platform. All the stakeholders use our application to transact on this platform through various Apps such as WhatsApp, mobile apps, call centres and Twitter.

This program is administered through a paperless IT ecosystem which consists of a dedicated centralised database and a single window online system for various business processes. These processes range from collection, verification, to finalisation of data for enrolment of beneficiaries. Issuance of smart cards, empanelment of hospitals, claim management and reporting are also carried out with the help of this online system.

Some of the key highlights of the solution provided by Track Four are:

  • Geared up to connect digital tools to incorporate patient unique identification and confirm their enrolment under the same.
  • The system efficiently identifies and validates each beneficiary at the time of claim intimation.
  • The system efficiently identifies and validates each beneficiary at the time of claim intimation.
  • The system has been incorporated with fraud control mechanism with features like 3 step verification by ISA, by doctors of H&FW and medical audit team. Real time SMS triggers in registered mobile numbers during any transaction, CSN mapping to prevent any impersonation/card cloning & many more.
  • Grievance management mechanism with features like call-based feedback mechanism for the patients for reporting inconsistencies in the process & front-end tool for providers and insurers to register and track complaints and provide feedback for their experience.
  • Dashboards & Analytics using Business Intelligence (BI) Tools take out critical reports on admission wise, age wise, geographical reports, health wise reports, transaction reports and many more.

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