Underwriting System

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Underwriting System

  • Complete product configuration system
  • Underwriting guidelines, rules and workflows
  • Document Management & Notification Management
  • Reporting & BI Analytics dashboard

One of the biggest challenges faced by the insurance companies is in the area of insurance underwriting system. A streamlined underwriting software that adheres to all regulatory compliances helps the insurance company effectively process the large number of applications and data they receive. Our Automated Insurance Underwriting Systems are not just effective and efficient, but also very precise in assessing the risks and situations, and offers suitable assessments. Apart from improving the efficiency, this well organised system also enhances the customer experience.

Our advanced Automated Insurance Underwriting System generates a rating engine based on the detailed health questionnaire, generated by the front-end configurable health questionnaire. An Automated Insurance Underwriting Software is particularly helpful for corporates who are at the risk of facing industrial relation issues.

Our customised systems have a query management and customer communications feature which addresses the issue in case of an employee contacting the insurer/TPA directly, and the management is not informed. The Document and Notification Management enables the management to have first-hand information. The Reporting and BI Analytics dashboard also gives them an access to real time information, which makes the system more effective.

Our software system is easily configurable with the security access. It is designed to meet and adhere to all security parameters.

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