Reports & Dashboards

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Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards and reports are handy to analyse the humongous insurance data. Business Intelligence and analytics are used to interpret the dashboards and reports, which provide essential insights that empowers the business. The technologically advanced dashboard by eOxegen helps collate and identify relevant data, process it according to the requirement and display it on the screen. This customised data helps track the customer information and monitor the transactions made by the policy holder. The BI Tools facilitate in creating Management Reports and Regulatory Reports that help access the data seamlessly.

Track Four Infotec uses advanced AI and ML based applications which aid in seamless management of the insurance service, thereby facilitating quick revert to the customers. These tools also help effective fraud management. The customised Business Intelligence based tools like Power BI aids the insurer by detecting frauds at early stage and predictive analytics. The Oracle BI on the other hand offers best in class analytics to the customer and bespoke insights which help him make faster and informed decisions. The BI tools help Track Four Infotec review the data of the potential customer and offer a solution to suit his needs.

Demographic data plays a vital role in determining a person’s risk profile. Track Four believes that critical analysis of this statistical data is imperative to be able to access the situation of the person while applying for the policy and making the claim. We make long term investments. To ensure that the investments are beneficial for both the insurance companies as well as the policy holders, eOxegen uses technology for almost all aspects of the insurance customer journey. Health history is the most critical aspect of life insurance. The digitised analysis of data of the potential customer ensures that the plan offered is effective and competitive that can take care of his health and medical requirements. The tool also helps track the disease factor of the person and suggest the policy that will work the best for him.

The technologically advanced claim demographics by eOxegen helps process the medical claims faster and in an accurate manner. The analytics help analyse the data of the claimant, process it so that there is a quick turn around on the payment. In other words, the demographics are crucial while calculating the payment that needs to be made to the policy holder.

Insurance is a sensitive sector and is guided by regulatory bodies to protect the interests of the insurance companies as well as the policy holders. As a responsible insurance provider Track Four Infotec is conscious of the responsibility it bears to its customers. Therefore, it uses superior technology to protect and enhance stability of the policy recommended.

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