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Portals & Mobile Apps

Powering growth through the digital transformation journey, Track Four Infotec uses an in-house built Mobile app. The application is used for patients, healthcare professionals and doctors. They can directly submit their insurance cards and other information through the mobile apps which helps our healthcare professionals to reduce errors in their paperwork.

On the application, users can access the network list of doctors, health care providers, and hospitals. We help patients to set up appointments with doctors and guide them with suggestions. It’s the provider's responsibility to include extensive care and specialist work.

The significance of the customised corporate app is it works as an asset for the company to improve its efficiency and productivity. The app offers exclusive services to employees which helps in their daily work. Corporate mobile applications by eOxegen ensures that that it is fast, with a good performance that allows them to work accurately. Our in-house-built customer mobile app is designed to perform bespoke functions as desired.

Track Four Infotec provides with options like customer portal that enables our users manage their applications from anywhere, 24x7. The highly customised and high-performing insurance products by eOxegen using component-based microservices helps customers fulfil their requirements seamlessly.

Our application also offers health security and access to the network hospitals providing the facility of cashless treatment to the patients.

The application also helps the administrator access complete information of the patients whenever and wherever it's needed and can make considerable changes to make it effective and safe for users to share their private information. Using the same users, groups, security model, data, workflows, etc. The Investigator Mobile App enables users to search, create and edit data on the go, as well as receive and process assigned tasks directly from their mobile device. With Mobile Investigator App, users can have fast access to information which also increases the efficiency.

The app is designed for smaller touch screens. Track Four Infotec has over 20 years of experience in health insurance, which is why we understand the local challenges facing various healthcare businesses and have hence developed our systems with round-the-clock support tools most of which are driven by artificial intelligence. The user's safety and security are the utmost priority for our Mobile investigator app.

The insurer provides all savings as per the IRDA-approved insurance plan.

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