Modernisation of core systems

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Modernisation of core systems

The discerning customer today is well informed and expects a quick turn around on the services. They want to graduate from the legacy systems to a more efficient system that is agile. The AI and Machine Learning based auto adjudication system, just helps us do that effectively. The Modernised core systems modernisation from eOxegen simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of claim adjudication to meet the changing expectations of the customer. It uses AI/ML based process to verify the correctness and authenticity of the claim made and facilitates quick processing of the same. The core systems modernisation helps the insurance company take care of claims and claim adjudication that keeps them satisfied. The company also benefits from the system as it allows them to issue policies promptly in a more cost-effective manner as compared to the legacy systems, which in turn adds to the profit percentage.

In today’s digital world, most of the data and information is available at the click of a button. Business intelligence which includes variety of tools, applications and techniques, enables process the complicated information and create reports and dashboard that can be consumed by customers. It gives customers the flexibility and convenience and helps organizations and industries to manage their business better with lessened costs, improved revenues and increased profitability.

Digitalization has advanced in an overwhelming pace in the past couple of years, the global pandemic being one of the main contributors towards the same. The rapid technological development has altered customer behaviour and expectations regarding purchasing goods and services. The modern consumer is used to hands on research and competitive pricing before a buying decision is made. The insurance industry if no different. With the rising expectation of the clients to make information and services available digitally, the web portals and mobile apps play an integral role in providing a seamless user experience. Keeping in pace with the digital transformation eOxegen adopts core systems modernisation service that leverage digital technologies to enhance existing operations and client experiences.

Health and life insurance form an important aspect of an individual's life. We understand the criticality for a customized insurance as much as the requirement for daily health tips for the customer. eOxegen uses a technology and data driven approach to analyse the baseline inputs of the customer to suggest health nuggets with an aim to promote a healthier behaviour in them and bring about a lifestyle change. Such customised health nuggets are not possible using the legacy systems for this system does not have the bandwidth to anaylse such data and process it to give a solution. Instead, when the modernised core system solution is used, it redefines the product strategy & objectives, technology relevance, service enablement, and helps rapid development & deployment of new initiatives thereby facilitating such customised solutions. The integrated data is synched with other health service providers like the Fitbit, Apple watch, exercises, etc. to suggest suitable health benefit nuggets with the customer to aid his biological health. Track Four Infotec believes in being your wholistic partner in taking care of your health.

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