Automation in Insurance Business

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Automation in Insurance Business

Our customer friendly product, eOxegen offers automated solutions based on AI algorithm and ML, that helps insurers assess risk, detect fraud and reduce human error in the application process. The AI driven system also helps offer the customer with the best solution that would suit to their needs. The customer benefits from getting a streamlined service and hassle-free processing of claims due to automation in insurance business.

We ensure that our KPI and deep learning model driven fraud predictive engine help identify illegal claims, which protects the insurance company as well as the customers. This feature analyses the value on the basis of historical costs, claims, expenses, risks and profits. The insurance claims process automation uses analytics to review previous claims and send out alerts to the claim specialist automatically, thereby minimizing the chance of human error.

Our customer-friendly product, eOxegen, revolutionizes the insurance industry with its advanced insurance business process automation capabilities. By leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms and machine learning, eOxegen empowers insurers to assess risk, detect fraud, and minimize human error in the application process. But that's not all—this innovative, AI-driven system goes beyond mere automation to deliver personalized solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs.

The single click quotation feature of eOxegen offers its customers a personalized integrated service which expedites the customer’s insurance buying experience. The seamless facility provides the convenience of fast response and usually is a lesser cost insurance. With click of a mouse, the single click quotation option empowers the customer to make an informed choice.

Our algorithm-driven workflow-based insurance business process automation underwriting matrix provides numerous benefits like the ease of managing processes through a simple interface and allows access to various stakeholders across the organization to use the information on a real-time basis. The eOxegen rating engine helps automate the entire process of applying low costs, rules and rating factors to generate a price factoring in the risk aspect.

eOxegen understands that claim management is a crucial process both for the insurance company as well as the customer. Therefore, to allow the insurers to cut operational costs, reduce fraud and improve customer loyalty, eOxegen uses the insurance claims process automated decisioning system. The automated system reviews the data and runs checks on the policy, claimant and the service provider to authenticate the authenticity of the claim.

When it comes to fraud detection, eOxegen stands at the forefront. Insurance fraud poses a significant challenge to the industry, resulting in substantial financial losses. However, with its advanced AI capabilities, eOxegen can effectively identify suspicious patterns and anomalies in claims data. By flagging potentially fraudulent activities, insurers can take prompt action, mitigating risks and safeguarding their business. This proactive approach not only protects insurers' interests but also helps maintain the integrity of the insurance ecosystem as a whole. Through its innovative insurance claims process automated, eOxegen streamlines the detection of fraudulent activities, allowing insurers to swiftly identify and address potential threats, thus fortifying their operations and preserving the trust of policyholders.

We believe that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. And, for effective customer satisfaction, the communication needs to be seamless. Our modern, AI-driven insurance claims automation solution, eOxegen, proves beneficial for the customer as it reduces the processing time of the information thereby increasing the probability of the cases getting accepted faster. This feature also ensures that the customer is fully aware of both the products and processes.

eOxegen's AI-driven system also empowers insurers to offer customers the best solutions tailored to their specific needs. By analyzing customer data and preferences, eOxegen can recommend customized coverage options that align with individual requirements. This personalized approach, driven by insurance claims process automation, enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust, as policyholders feel understood and catered to on an individual level. Whether it's auto insurance, health insurance, or any other type of coverage, eOxegen ensures that customers receive the most suitable plans for their circumstances.

eOxegen ensures a real-time data transfer from customer/network interface that facilitates the decision-making process using a tech enabled process. As service providers, we believe to keep a customer happy, we need to deliver the information he desires. The real-time data transfer addresses the need, making eOxegen the partner of choice in your journey of insurance.

At Track Four Infotec, we have customised an AI-driven connected insurance system to cater to your needs and enhance the experience, while reducing the turnaround time. Our dedicated team of experts are available to answer and facilitate your query.

Insurance business process automation has transformed the industry by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. With eOxegen as your trusted solution, insurers can unlock a world of benefits, including streamlined processes, accurate risk assessment, fraud detection, and personalized customer experiences. Embracing insurance claims automation is no longer an option but a necessity in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Join the insurance revolution with eOxegen and witness the immense advantages it brings to your business and customers.

We at Track Four Infotec are committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry through automation. By combining advanced AI algorithms, machine learning, and personalized solutions, eOxegen is reshaping the way insurers operate. Say goodbye to manual processes, lengthy paperwork, and unreliable risk assessment methods. Embrace the power of automation and let eOxegen, your ultimate connected insurance system, elevate your business to new heights.

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