New-age Distribution and Customer
Service experience

We offer a variety of solutions to help streamline and enhance the insurance industry.

New-age Distribution and Customer Service experience

At Track Four Infotec, we're committed to providing a modern and innovative approach to insurance distribution and digital customer service. Our comprehensive intermediary portals, distributor portals, and are designed to optimize and enhance the entire insurance ecosystem. With easy-to-use interfaces that can be accessed from any device, you'll have access to all of your insurance records, whether you're a broker, customer, or service provider.

Our 'cutting-edge mobile apps are customized to meet the unique needs of each user. In addition to managing policies, filing claims, and renewing policies, our customer mobile apps also offer additional functionalities. Our team ensures the apps are built with the latest development practices, making them reliable and fast.

Communication is vital in the insurance industry, which is why we've included messaging support (SMS, email, WhatsApp) within our platform. You can communicate through any convenient method to make any necessary policy modifications or file a claim. Our platform can be integrated with call center and centralised customer management systems for convenience. Additionally, we have added an IVR system to our platform, allowing you to communicate via voice commands for a more efficient and streamlined experience.

At Track Four Infotec, we prioritize delivering superior distribution and support services. Our state-of-the-art solutions are tailored to the requirements of all parties, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and productive insurance experience.

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