Enterprise grade services driven by Subject-matter experts

Insight-driven Personalized Products

Helps insurence companies to achieve excellence in meeting customer needs.

Future Ready Micro Services Architecture

Highly customized and high-performing insurance product using component based micro services.

Transforming User Experience Digitally

Powering the next phase of growth in the digital transformation journey.


Core Insurance platform for operational & strategic needs of insurance companies globally

Health Insurance

Optimise automation and digitisation through a highly configurable back office system.

Micro Health

Best in class solutions precisely geared for larger community groups

Universal Healthcare

Solution providing access to all needed health services

Insurance Aggregator

Managing large data to facilitate easiness of business for leading inusers in digital marketplace.

Vehicle Insurance

Caring your customers' vehicles whereever they need you and keep fraudulent claims minimised.

Cognitive Technologies in Insurance

Transformation of the insurance value chain through adoption of advanced technologies.