Leading provider for digital health insurance platform

Dynamic Rule Based Enhanced Product Management

Configurable rule engine driven matrix model for real time plan customization during client acquisition.

Policy Administration through Automated Workflows

100% automation in policy life cycle management enables a robust and extensive support system to make customer happy.

Digital Straight Through Processing in Claim Settlement

Paperless electronic claim processing ensures health insurers to offer an improved provider-to-payer relationship.

eOxegen - Health Insurance Suite

A powerful web and app based one stop solution for all health insurers
  • Adoption of evolving technology facilitates the insurance companies to mitigate the disruption and achieve more competitive edge in health insurance industry.
  • Fully automated insurance administrative process ensures ease of business with external stakeholders, improved time-to-market, efficient internal workflow, 24X7 data accessibility as well as reduced operating costs.
  • End-to-end intelligent automation approach helps in streamlining various business processes seamlessly to enhance customer experience.
  • Extensive automation in claim settlement process assists insurance companies to maintain better transparency with insured customers and medical providers.
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